Increase your Customer Reach

Having physical presence in more than 5 African countries, and worldwide reach through our partners, will offer you as our customer a global pool of clients that you can contact.


Easy to Use Services

With our user friendly and easy to integrate APIs, we guarantee 100% effectiveness. You will be able to run your services with just a click of a button.


Customer Oriented Solutions

Our main focus is to provide high quality services and solutions that are inline with your customer needs. This includes easy to intergate APIs (messaging, USSD and Airtime), system support IVR services name it all.

High Quality Support

In any business setting, customer is always the King. As Route Mobilty, we always keep in touch with our customers by identfying what issues they are facing and resolving them without any delays. Our customers are our top priority

Wider Reach

Route Mobility has presence in Malawi, Botswana, Ghana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Kenya offering Messaging, USSD, Airtime, Voice, system development and support services.

What we offer

These are some of the services we offer to our clients.

Ease to Integrate APIs

Route Mobility offers easy to consume top level APIs. Most of our USSD, Messaging, and Airtime APIs are in JSON format; which is user friendly for developers to integrate. We also offer sample codes and support during integration process.

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Secured Systems

As Route Mobility, security is our top priority. Our systems offer high security features including and not limited to; two factor authentications and encryption algorithms. We guarantee well protected and secured data for your customers

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Excellent Customer Experience

We offer top quality support before, during, and after integrations. We guarantee uptime of up-to 99.99%, meaning

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With presence in more than five African countries, and through our partner connections, we guarantee a wider access to different markets, helping you communicate effectivity with your clients from different geographical locations with ease.

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Our Clients & Partners

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