Unstructured Supplementary Service Data or USSD in short is a service that allows mobile phone users to interact with a remote application from their device in real time. A predefined session is started once a user dials in to facilitate the transfer of information between your application and the user. It is a highly scalable service as it does not require an internet connection and is supported by both feature and smartphones.​

What we offer:

  • Highly secure USSD gateway.
  • High TPS.
  • Easy to integrate with APIs.


Users can use USSD to collect very crucial information. The government can also use USSD system to collect data from citizens.

Give access to structured information from your application with USSD menus. The interactive nature can layer leading questions to deliver the right information.

USSDs can be used for running subscription based services, where users can subscribe to be receiving any information such as health updates, soccer services plus many others.

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